Medium & Low Voltage
Medium & Low Voltage
Medium & Low Voltage
Medium & Low Voltage
Medium & Low Voltage

We at Group Power, Design and manufacture medium and low voltage systems for the various applications. Our supplied medium and low voltage systems are in operation under various environment conditions such as off shore and on shore applications , Power plants , Steel plants , paper plants , Food processing plants to name a few. Substations and load dispatch systems supplied are well integrated to the local electricity grids and Industries.
We have manufactured and delivered medium voltage systems till 24 KV, 1250 Amps  and in Low voltage till 3600 A.

Typical systems delivered by us include

Power and unit transformers.

Neutral grounding systems.

24 KV switch gear system.

13.8 KV switch gear system.

11 KV switch gear system.

MCC and PMCC’s.

Motors upto 3.3 KV rating.

Surge suppressors.

MCC’s with communication and load managements.

Medium Voltage cables and capacitors with onsite termination.

Bus ducts.

Our Enclosures using unique modular ‘bolted’ construction and comes with modular structure parts and many standards modular parts to make panels asper customer requirement. This is further enhanced due to pre-punched holes in X, Y & Z directions in the structure parts and other modular parts.

Our enclosure is a 200mm modular system with pre-punched and embossed holes in 200mm modular positions and holes in 25mm intervals. The complete enclosure system selection is software based thus reducing the errors and mistakes.