Rajahmundry / India

The FMG and Pharma Major owned by a UK based MNC is operating two of its plants at Rajahmundry in India.

The Main 11 KV incomer PMCC was OCB and with minimum protection and electromechanical type relays.

The old 11KV OCB panel was replaced with new Schneider make VCB with panel having micro processor based power monitoring unit from Schneider, vamp ‐260 and microprocessor based multifunction protection relay from Schneider , vamp 210. Load shedding system poer monitoring order to achieve the energy efficiency and to have the trouble free operations, the project department called for the design , supply and commissioning of PLC based system to provide automatic synchronizing + Load management + load shedding system so as to run every and each of the power generators to operate with each other and to operate with grid . Main emphasis was on to utilize the maximum power of the turbine and isolate the turbine to supply critical load during power failure.

GPCE Scope was to design, supply, erect and commission:


11KV VCB panels

Grid monitoring system

Grid isolation & Load shedding during grid failure.

Load management system ‐ Maximum demand control etc

Time based unit consumption from Grid.

Communication of power monitoring unit and protection relay to PLC